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Golden Corral Breakfast Menu & Prices 2022 – Golden Corral Buffet Prices

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Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Menu

The breakfast menu is available at Golden Corral is offering delicious food items to their patrons. The first thing to do is look at the below Golden Corral Breakfast Menu Items List.

Omelet Station

  • Sausage Crumbles
  • Green Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Diced Onions
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Bacon Bits
  • Diced Ham

Hot Breakfast Favorites

  • Cheese Sauce
  • Homestyle Pancakes
  • French Toast
  • Golden Waffles
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Texas Toast
  • Maple Syrup
  • Sugar-Free Syrup
  • Strawberry Topping
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausage Links
  • Sausage Patties
  • Sausage Gravy
  • Grilled Corned Beef Hash
  • Creamed Chipped Beef
  • Carved Ham
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Skillet Hash Browns
  • Breakfast Casserole
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Sautéed Onions + Peppers

Cold Breakfast Selections

  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Grapefruit
  • Bananas
  • Orange Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Jellies
  • Milk
  • Whipped Margarine
  • Assorted Cereals
  • Assorted Yogurts
  • Assorted Donuts
  • Honey-Margarine
  • Whipped Cream

Bakery Goods

  • Bread Pudding
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Fruit Cobbler


Golden Corral Breakfast Menu

Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Prices

If you’re looking to eat late after breakfast’s close, you don’t have to be concerned about Golden Corral locations. The restaurant serves the Golden Corral Brunch menu for regular customers.

Golden Corral Brunch Hours begin from the time of opening at the shop and end at 4:00 pm.

Buffet According to Age Prices Other Details
Adults Breakfast $9.89/person Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11 A.M.)
Adults Brunch $9.29/person Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Beverage Not Included
Children Breakfast (Includes Beverages) $0.00/child 3 & Under (Free)
$5.99/child Ages 4-8
$6.99/child Ages 9-12
Golden Corral Specials Weekends $0.00/child 3 & Under (Free)
$6.99/child Ages 4-8
$7.99/child Ages 9-12
Seniors Breakfast $9.39/person Saturday & Sunday (Open to 11 A.M.) – Ages 60 & Over, Does Not Include Beverage
Seniors Brunch $8.79/person Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Ages 60 & Over, Does Not Include Beverage
To Go Breakfast [Entrees] $5.99/ pound

Note: Menu items may differ from location to location.

Golden Corral Breakfast Hours

07:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Hours start at 07:30 AM and close at 11:00 AM [Monday – Saturday]

Golden Corral Breakfast Hours On Sunday begins from 7:00 AM and stops at 11:00 AM.

Golden Corral Menu Prices 2022 – Fast Food Prices

Golden Corral’s Menu and Price were gathered from a variety of sources, including the official site, links from other websites menus for restaurants and menus of restaurants, etc. Therefore, the prices shown can differ from the prices originally quoted.

If you are looking for the best prices that are currently in operation, and you want to get the best price, then call for the exact restaurant.

Golden Corral Menu Buffet Prices
Premium Dinner Buffet (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) $14.49
Beverages (included only with Breakfast) $2.39
Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet (Sat. and Sun. till 11 am) $9.49
Golen Corral Lunch Buffet (Mon. to Sat.) $9.29
Golden Corral Dinner Buffet (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) $13.99
Golden Corral Senior Menu Buffet
Senior Breakfast Buffet (Sat. and Sun. till 11 am) $9.89
Beverages (included only with Breakfast) $2.39
Senior Lunch Buffet (Mon. to Sat.) $8.79
Senior Dinner Buffet (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) $13.49
Senior Premium Dinner Buffet (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) $13.99
Senior Early Bird Special (Mon. to Fri. from 2 pm to 4 pm) $7.59
Golden Corral Children’s Menu Buffet
Ages 3 and under (Limit two free meals per adult) Free
Ages 9-12 $6.99
Dinner (Fri. to Sun.) $7.99
Ages 4-8 $5.99
Dinner (Fri. to Sun.) $6.99
Golden Corral Take Out Menu Prices
Cheese Pizza $7.99/person
Gravy (Beef or Poultry) $9.99/gallon
Pot Roast $12.49/lb
Bourbon Chicken 1/2 pan $34.99
Sliced Ham $8.49/lb
Sliced Roast Beef $11.99/lb
Sliced Turkey $10.99/lb
Meatloaf 3lb loaf $15.99
Chicken Tenders $1.50/piece
Variety Pizza $9.99/person
Baked Chicken 1/4 bird $2.25/person
BBQ Chicken 1/4 bird $1.89/person
Gravy (Beef or Poultry) – 1/2 gallon (Serves 40-80) $5.49
BBQ Pork $8.49/lb
Fried Chicken $1.29/piece
GC Baby Back Ribs Prices
All You Can Eat Ribs (Mon. to Fri. after 4 pm) $11.99
All You Can Eat Ribs (Sat. and Sun. after 11 am) $11.99
Golden Corral Menu Sides
Tossed Salad: Iceberg & Romaine, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrot, 3 Dressings (1/2 pan) $17.99
Caesar Salad: Romaine, Parmesan, Croutons, Caesar Dressing (1/2 pan) $19.99
Sweet Potato Casserole, Roasted Ranch Potatoes, Bakes Beans (full pan) $32.99
Sweet Potato Casserole, Roasted Ranch Potatoes, Bakes Beans (1/2 pan) $16.99
Fruit Tray $34.99
Tuna or Seafood Salad (1/2 pan) $26.99
Macaroni & Cheese (full pan) $36.99
Macaroni & Cheese (1/2 pan) $18.99
Cajun Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad (1/2 pan) $12.99
Coleslaw (1/2 pan) $12.99
Baked or Sweet Potato w/Toppings $1.29
Vegetable Tray $29.99
Green Beans, Cut Corn, Turnip Greens, Cornbread Dressing, White Rice, Black Eyed Peas, Southern Style Cabbage, Sliced Carrots, Pinto Beats (full pan) $24.99
Green Beans, Cut Corn, Turnip Greens, Cornbread Dressing, White Rice, Black Eyed Peas, Southern Style Cabbage, Sliced Carrots, Pinto Beats (1/2 pan) $12.99
Golden Corral Drinks Menu
Soft Drink MRP
Tea (Sweet or Unsweet) $3.99/gallon
Lemonade or Fruit Punch $4.49/gallon
Golden Corral Bread Rolls Prices
Yeast Rolls $4.99/dozen
Yeast Rolls (1/2 dozen) $2.99
Biscuits $5.49/dozen
Cornbread $4.49/dozen
Golden Corral Desserts Menu
One Layer Cake $8.99
Double Layer Cake $9.99
Cookies $2.99/dozen
Brownies $5.99/dozen
Banana Pudding (1/2 pan) $12.99
Cobbler (Apple or Peach) (1/2 pan) $13.99
Pie $9.99

Golden Corral Catering Menu Prices 2022

Golden Corral Breakfast Catering Packages
Worth Getting Up For $8.50
Country Breakfast $9.75
Light Continental $7.50
Golden Corral Lunch & Dinner Catering Packages
BBQ Ribs $12.00
Today’s Special $11.00
Out to Lunch $8.25
A Day in the Park $13.00
That Was Awesome $11.00
A Fine Dine $14.00
GC Picnic $9.25
GC Pit Barbecue $8.25
Golden Corral Holiday Catering Packages
Gobble Til You Wobble $13.00
Holiday Feast $16.00
Holiday Essentials $9.00
Golden Corral Wedding Catering Packages
Wedding Complete $11.50
Wedding Complete Plus $13.00
Light & Easy $9.00
Simple & Elegant $10.50

Golden Corral Hours Of Operation

  • 07:30 AM – 10:00 PM [Monday To Saturday]
  • Golden Corral Hours Sunday – 07:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • The Golden Corral Hours usually start from 07:30 AM – 10:00 PM.

Golden Corral Lunch Hours 

  • 10:45 AM To 4:00 PM [Mon-Fri]
  • 11:00 AM To 4:00 PM [Saturday]
  • 10:45 AM to continue until close

Golden Corral Dinner Hours

  • 4:00 PM To 10:00 PM [Mon-Thurs & Sunday]
  • 4:00 PM To 10:30 PM [Saturday & Friday]

Golden Corral Holiday Hours

On Which Holidays Golden Corral Business continues?

  • Christmas Day.
  • Easter Sunday.
  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • Easter Monday.
  • Mother’s Day.
  • Tax Day.
  • Halloween.
  • Good Friday.
  • Independence Day.
  • Black Friday.
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Memorial Day.
  • Father’s Day.
  • New Year’s Eve.
  • Veterans Day.
  • St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Columbus Day.
  • New Year Day.
  • Presidents Day.
  • Labor Day.
  • Cinco de Mayo.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

On Which Holidays Golden Corral is not in business?

  • Christmas
  • Good Friday
  • Thanksgiving Day

Golden Corral Open Near Me – Golden Corral Locations

To find GC Restaurant near you, keep your mobile handy via Google Map or GC store locator.

Golden Corral Nutrition & Dietary Options

If you’re in a weight loss program and you like eating out, take a break and to rest. For Golden Corral has lots of choices for you to enjoy your meal. Simply click here and select the one that best suits your preferences.

Golden Corral Customer Service

  • Call Customer Care on (800) 284-5673.
  • Visit Customer Care Contact Form

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