Zippy’s Breakfast Menu Prices – Zippy’s Menu Hawaii 2022 ❤

Zippy’s Breakfast Menu Prices 2022 – Zippys Breakfast Menu

Zippy’s Breakfast Menu Prices Zippys Menu offers healthy and affordable meals to everyone. Don’t forget to visit them.

Welcome to Zippy’s! Within this section, you’ll certainly get the most accurate information about Zippy’s Breakfast Menu as well as Zippy’s hours of operation.  Zippy’s Menu Prices and so on.

We are aware that a healthy breakfast is the most important thing to us and provides us with energy and vitality all day long. Correct? We are still going to breakfast but not getting to work. Why? Simple, because of the absence of time.

Get your feet back. Zippy’s restaurant can solve your problem. You just need to visit the outlet and will be able to enjoy breakfast meals as you like.

Before going to the outlet Before you go, be take note of Zippy’s Breakfast Menu with Prices List and  Zippy’s Breakfast Hours.

Zippys Breakfast Menu Prices 2022 [Updated]

Zippy's Breakfast Menu

Zippy’s offered breakfast dishes that are Japanese, Hawaii, or American. What is the time to wait? Select your preferred special Zippys breakfast Bentos available on Zippy’s breakfast menu listed below.

Menu Items Price
Egg, Side
Deluxe Breakfast Bento
Meat, Side
Grilled Cornbread
Omelet Between $1.90 – $8.95
Omelette Sandwich, Portuguese
Breakfast Bento #1 and series up to 4.
Steak & Eggs
Meat N Eggs

It is possible that the Breakfast Menu prices of Zippy’s could vary from one location to another location.

If you’re here, ask yourself ‘ What Time Does Zippy’s serve breakfast?‘. Below, I’ve provided what are the Breakfast Hours at Zippy’s.

Zippy’s Breakfast Hours 2022 [Officially Approved]

Zippy’s offers food and drinks 24 hours a day, this is the reason why that the restaurant’s breakfast menu starts at 11:00 pm in the evening and continues until the next morning at 10:30 every day.

Zippy’s Breakfast Hours Start at 11:00 PM and End at 10:30 AM

Zippys Hours Of Operations 2022

If you’re looking to eat food at night, don’t fret. Zippy’s services are available throughout the day. This means that zippy’s Opening Time and closing time aren’t mentioned in this article.

Zippy’s Working Hours are 24×7

About Zippy’s

Francis as well as Charles Higa both brothers opened the first Zippy’s restaurant in Hawaii in the year 1966. It’s a fast-casual restaurant chain that operates 24 outlets across Hawaii.

In the beginning, their specialty dish was called Zip-min. Today, one of their most popular dishes is chili. It offers mouth-watering American, Japanese, Chinese, Okinawan, and Hawaiian Fusion food.

Zippy’s Menu and Prices 2022

Note: Zippy’s Menu Prices may vary from location to location.

Zippy’s provides you Hawaiian, Japanese, and American delicacies and cuisines at affordable prices which is fit for every pocket.

Yes, all Zippy’s menu items are just between $3 – $30. So, what are you waiting for? Let glance at a pick at Zippys Menu and its Prices below!

Zippy's Breakfast Menu Prices

Zip Meals Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Mash Potatoes
Meat Sauce Between $4.45 To $11.65
Macaroni Salad

 Zippys Specials Menu Prices

Menu Prices
Sushi Combination A $17.50
Sushi Combination B $25.25
Saba Shioyaki $16.45
Unagi Don $20.75
Tekka Don $19.50
Fried Hamachi Kama $20.95
Spicy Tuna Don $14.50
Battera Saba $10.50
Sushi & Sashimi Combination $27.95
Dhirashi Sushi $23.65
Battera, Salmon $12.95
Fried Hamachi Kama $20.95
Sushi & Sashimi Combination $27.95

Zippys Chili Menu Price

Menu Price
Chili & Cheese Fries
Chili & Chicken Mixed Plate Price from $4 to $6
Chili Omelette
Chili Moco
Chili Frank

Zippys Burgers – Zippy’s Breakfast Sandwiches

Menu Items Prices
Prime Burger
Teri Beef Sandwich Between $4.35 To $11.95

Zippy’s Breakfast Platter Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Loco Moco
Spaghetti With Garlic Bread
Hamburger Steak
Fried Chicken Between $3.60 To $14.95
Chicken Katsu
Korean Fried Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken Salad
Surf Pac
Zip Pac

Potluck & Parties Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Fried Noodles
Local Favorites  Between $6.70 To $19.65
Korean Fried Chicken
Chicken Katsu

Noodles & Soup Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Oxtail Soup
Fried Noodles Between $6.70 To $19.65
Wun Tun Min

Sides Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
French Fries
Tossed Greens
Rice, One Scoop  Between $5 To $20
Macaroni Salad
Chicken, Side

Zippys Bakery (Baked Foods) Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Donut Holes
Apple Pie
Custard Pie
Long John
Brownie Between $2.20 To $2.70
Flaky Glazed Donut
Glazed Yeast Donut
Dobash Cake
Chantilly Cake

Zippy’s Sushi Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Combo A $17.50
Combo B $25.25
Sushi Sashimi Cambo $27.95
Sashimi combo $23.65

Teishoku Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Teriyaki Beef, Sashimi, shrimp & Vegetable Tempura $20.95
Misoyaki Butterfish, Sashimi, Shrimp, Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura $26.75

Temaki Sushi Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Poke $7.45
Spicy Tuna $6.75
Tekka $6.75
Negihama $8.75
California $5.95
Natto $5.65
Salmon Skin $5.50
Soft Shell Crab $10.50
Negitoro $9.15

Nigiri Sushi Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Saba $6.85
Hokkigai $7.15
Tobiko $7.00
Amaebi $10.75
Hirame $9.25
Hotate $7.30
Anago $9.25
Aji $9.15
Tsubugai $6.45
Poke Ahi $7.45
U Nagi $9.50
Hamachi $10.15
Ebi $6.60
Toro $11.15
Ika $6.70
Maguro $8.15
U ni $13.50
Ikura $9.25
Ebi w Mayo & Masago $7.25
Sake $7.35
Shiromi $6.70
Tamago $4.60
Hotate w Mayo and Masago $7.45
Kazunoko $7.20
Tako $6.70

House Entrees Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Oyakodon $10.75
Sake Shioyaki $19.05
Chicken Karaage $11.85
Tendon $12.50
Beef Teriyaki $14.75
Saba Shioyaki $16.45
Ume Ochazuke $6.95
Chicken Katsu $13.90
Chicken Triyaki $12.60
Salmon Ichazule $7.35
Tonkatsu $15.75
Kahala Special $19.25
Nori Ochazuke $5.95
Katsudon $11.25
Fried Hamachi Kama $20.95

Zippy’s Drink Menu

Menu Items Prices
Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream
Milk 1%
Coffee (Regular Or Decaf)
Soft Drinks (Diet Pepsi, Fruit Punch, Pepsi)
Bottled Water Between $1.55 To $7.65
Iced Tea
Hot Tea
Orange Juice
Lilikoi Drink
Orange Bang

Maki Mono Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Tekka $6.95
Futomaki $8.75
Soft Shell Crab Uramaki $11.15
Negihama $9.15
Kappa $4.95
Ume Chiso $6.20
Kappa $4.95
Oshinko $4.95
Spicy Tuna Hosomaki $6.75
Ume Chiso $6.20
California Uramaki $6.60
California Inside Out W/ Masago $7.45
Spicy Tuna Hosomaki $6.75
Oshinko $4.95
Combination $13.65
Inari $5.60
California Inside Out w/ Masago $7.45
Futomaki (8 pieces) $8.75
Kanpyo $4.95
Inari $5.60
California Uramaki $6.60
Tekka $6.95
Combination $13.65
Soft Shell Crab Uramaki $11.15

Tempura Menu Prices

Menu Items  Prices
Shrimp Tempura $14.95
Tempura Combination Plate $17.75
Fish Tempura $15.50
Vegetable Tempura $12.75

Udon Soba Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Zaru Soba $7.15
Tempura $10.25
Kake $8.15
Tempura Zaru Spba $10.15
Tanuki $8.40
Kitsune $9.15

Sashimi Menu Prices

Menu Items Prices
Sashimi Combination $23.65
Hamachi Sashimi $27.50
Maguro Sashimi $19.95

More To Enjoy

Menu Items Prices
Miso soup $2.25
Poke $9.50
Salmon Skin Salad $6.30
Yamakake $10.25
Edamame $6.15

Dessert Menu Prices

Menu Item Price
Green Tea Ice Cream $4.40

Zippy’s Near Me

You may find simply Zippy’s location near you by using Zippy’s Store Locator on its official site. Furthermore, you can also use Google Maps and set your GPS On.

Zippys Nutrition

If you are suffering from any allegiance then first you should go through Zippy’s nutrition facts mentioned on its official site.

Zippys Takeout Menu

See, Zippy’s Provides all menu items for takeout. Furthermore, Zippy’s Breakfast Takeout Menu includes many items to enjoy. Also, Zippy’s Take out Service is available for Zippy’s Catering Menu.

Zippys Customer Service

Call at (888) 947-7974

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