Who Owns Burger King? ❤【NEW 2022】

Do you want to know who owns Burger King and Burger King’s time of lunch? Who Owns Burger King? Did you have a chance to answer this question? Burger King Corporation is an American restaurant chain that serves the Whopper sandwich for their special sandwich. 

The business was established around 1954, by two brothers James as well as Maurice McDonald who opened a restaurant in Miami, Florida.

The headquarters of the company is in Atlanta, Georgia and it is publicly traded from 1968 to the New York Stock Exchange. Learn about the founding family and the story of Burger King from us.

Who Owns Burger King

Burger King

Burger King has been through many owners during its existence. Hence Who Owns Burger King? The initial owners were James McLamore and David Edgerton who purchased the business through their brothers, the McDonald brothers. 

In 1967, the company was transferred to Pillsbury who controlled it for two years prior to selling the business company to Grand Metropolitan who merged with Guinness in 1997.

Diageo was then its sole proprietor of Burger King after they purchased Grand Metropolitan. in 2002, Texas Pacific Group acquired the majority part of Burger King and took the company back to the public market in 2006.

TPG Capital then merged their investment firm with Bain Capital creating The Restaurant Company LLC which currently controls Burger King Corporation.

There are many things that you might not be aware of concerning Burger King such as their secret menu, which includes the whopperito, which is a sandwich that is wrapped in taco shells. There is also a Neopolitan shake that is a combination of vanilla, strawberry, and a chocolate milkshake.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a shot of the suicide whopper that is packed with all of Burger King’s famous toppings. If you’re ever in Burger King, be sure to request one of these menu items!

Burger King has come quite a long way since it was founded and continues to offer delicious fries and burgers to its patrons. 

With a variety of options on the menu, there’s something to please all customers to enjoy at Burger King. Make sure to check out their menus next when you’re looking to eat fast!

Past Owners Of Burger King

Burger King

Burger King was originally founded in 1954. It is located in the same location as Burger King’s owner. The company has been sold many times in the past Who owns Burger King?

It was once an affiliate to Diageo PLC who sold it to a different corporation, before finally initiating the IPO at the New York stock exchange that is owned by Burger King. 

At present, the hedge administrator William Ackman holds nearly 30 percent of the shares owned by Burger King.

Who Owns Burger King Today?

Burger King

There are many varied answers to this question because the company has been owned by many owners throughout its history. 

But, it’s currently managed by Restaurant Brands International (RBI) who purchased the company in 2010 from Burger King Corporation 2010.

Prior to that, it was operated under Diageo plc., which acquired its assets by acquiring it from Grand Metropolitan PLC. In 1997, it was purchased by Diageo plc. 

There were a lot of changes in ownership throughout the decades! RBI also is the owner of Tim Hortons and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

It’s important to know that, although Burger King Corporation still exists as a separate entity it’s no longer involved in the day-to-day activities for Burger King restaurants. These are all managed by the RBI.


So Who Owns Burger King? The answer is a bit ambiguous because the company has been owned by a variety of different people throughout its history. But, as of now, it is owned by a consortium of investors, led by the Brazilian company Behold Holdings. 

Despite the changes in ownership, Burger King has remained one of the most well-known fast-food chains around the globe and has more than 15,000 outlets situated in over 100 countries. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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